Purchasing an eBook directly from the author? Once you have downloaded your purchased copy to your Mac or PC, you will need to transfer the file to your e-reader device. This page offers information on how to transfer an eBook file from your computer to your e-reader.


Once connected to a computer using a USB cable, your Kindle device will appear in the same location as external USB drives usually appear. For Windows users, this is typically in the "Computer" or "My Computer" menu. For Mac users, the drive will appear on the desktop.

  1. Open the Kindle drive. You will see several folders inside, one of which will be named "Documents."
  2. Locate the downloaded file and copy it into the documents folder. You can generally copy files by clicking and dragging the file to the folder.
  3. Safely eject your Kindle device from your computer and unplug the USB cable. Your content will appear on the Home screen.

More information on Kindle transfer options is available on the Amazon help page.

Nook, Sony, iPad

EPub is an eBook format that can be read on the following devices:

  • Nook by Barnes and Noble. To transfer the ePub file, use a USB cable to connect your Nook to your computer and copy the ePub file to the "My Documents" folder on your Nook. See the Kindle instructions above--the steps are almost identical.
  • Sony Readers. Use the Sony Reader Library application that came with your device to transfer files from your computer to your e-reader.
  • iPad and other Apple devices. To read ePub files on your iPad, use iBooks, a free application available in the Apple App Store. The easiest method to transfer an ePub file to your iPad is to email the file to yourself as an attachment. Then open your email application on your iPad and click on the attachment until the "Open in iBooks" link box opens. An alternate method is to attach your Apple device to your computer via a USB cable. On your computer, launch iTunes. Once your device appears in the iTunes menu, drag the ePub file from your computer to your device in iTunes. Disconnect your device, open it to the iBooks application, and your new eBook will appear.
  • Your computer, netbook, laptop, or anything else running Windows or MacOS, via Adobe's free Digital Editions software.