‘TIS THE OFF-SEASON, Book 6.5 in the Girls of Summer Series, December 2022

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‘Tis the Off-Season,  a short Girls of Summer holiday novella, is now live at Amazon and Smashwords, and will soon be available from Barnes & NobleApple BooksBella Books (LGBTQIA+ owned and operated!), and other online retailers.

In Under the Lights, book six of the Girls of Summer series, Emma Blakeley and Jamie Maxwell moved closer to securing their dream of having successful professional soccer careers and a committed relationship. Now, in a holiday novella set amidst the waning days of 2016, they escape to the Oregon Coast for a romantic vacation. Each is planning something special for the other, but who will get to spring their surprise first?

To find out how Jamie, Emma, and the rest of their World Cup Champion USWNT squad fare, check out ’Tis the Off-Season, a fluffy Sapphic holiday novella set after book 6 of the bestselling Girls of Summer series.


GIRLS OF SUMMER SERIES | Second Growth Books

The Girls of Summer series features Emma Blakeley and Jamie Maxwell, two talented athletes with bright soccer futures. When they first meet as teenagers at a tournament in Southern California, neither girl suspects that their bond will last across years and miles, from SoCal soccer fields and New York hotels to Portuguese beaches and the streets of Vancouver. Tags: USWNT, soccer, new adult, second chance, lesbian romance

  • TRAINING GROUND, book 1 | Second Growth Books, June 2016
    For young soccer players Jamie and Emma, a chance meeting in the summer of 2003 changes their lives in ways even they don’t understand. Yet. Excerpt (pdf)
  • GAME TIME, book 2 | Second Growth Books, September 2016
    It’s late 2013, and the world’s best soccer players are gearing up for the 2015 World Cup–including Jamie and Emma. Excerpt (pdf)
  • OUTSIDE THE LINES, book 3 | Second Growth Books, January 2018
    Jamie and Emma are forced to come to terms with their relationship as each dedicates herself to a lifelong dream: making the 2015 World Cup roster for the US Women’s National Team. Excerpt (pdf)
  • THE ROAD TO CANADA, book 4 | Second Growth Books, February 2019
    A staffing change on the National Team only a year before the 2015 World Cup alters the playing field for both Emma and Jamie. Excerpt (pdf)
  • GIRLS OF SUMMER, book 5 | Second Growth Books, July 2019
    Will both women see their lifelong hopes and dreams realized at the 2015 World Cup? Excerpt (pdf)
  • UNDER THE LIGHTS, book 6 | Second Growth Books, June 2021
    Soccer brought Jamie and Emma together, but now the brutal pace of NWSL playoffs and Victory Tour matches threatens to drive a wedge between them. Excerpt (pdf)
  • ‘TIS THE OFF-SEASON, book 6.5 | Second Growth Books, June 2021
    In this holiday novella, Jamie and Emma escape to the Oregon Coast for a romantic vacation. Each is planning something special for the other, but who will spring their surprise first?

GALAXY GIRL SERIES | Second Growth Books

Galaxy Girl is an urban fantasy trilogy that takes place on an Earth where alien refugees live on the fringes of society, Kenzie Shepherd may well be the last daughter of a long-dead planet, and Ava Westbrook wishes everyone could just get along. Tags: Supercorp, new adult, frenemies, lesbian romance, LGBTQ+ fantasy

  • DRUM UP THE DAWN, book 1 | Second Growth Books, June 2020
    Kenzie Shepherd, reporter by day and secret alien superhero by night, can’t really be attracted to Ava Westbrook, heir to the most notorious anti-alien family in America, can she? Except she totally can be. Excerpt (pdf)
  • BETWEEN THE DAWN AND DAY, book 2 | Second Growth Books, Dec 2021
    The continuing adventures of Kenzie Shepherd, Seattle’s secret alien superhero, and Ava Westbrook, genius businesswoman and sister to the most notorious anti-alien extremist on Earth. Excerpt (pdf)
  • ENDS OF THE EARTH, book 3 | Second Growth Books, June 2022
    The conclusion of the story featuring Kenzie Shepherd and Ava Westbrook. Will they find their happy ending, despite the political forces–and diabolical family members–working to keep them apart? Excerpt (pdf)


  • THE VSED HANDBOOK | Second Growth Books, March 2022
    A memoir/guidebook of one family’s experience with hastening a death via VSED (Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking). Tags: VSED, dementia, death with dignity, MAID, caregiving
  • A THEORY OF LOVE | Second Growth Books, October 2018
    A contemporary workplace romance in which a professor and a grad student break the rules and fall in love. Tags: academic, slow-burn, lesbian romance Excerpt (pdf)
  • HOMODRAMATICA: FAMILY OF FIVE | Second Growth Books, July 2018
    A memoir of same-sex marriage and lesbian parenting structured around blog posts from 2011-2018. Tags: LGBTQ family, non-biological motherhood, parenting twins Excerpt (pdf)
  • IN THE COMPANY OF WOMEN | Bella Books, June 2015
    A lesbian romance set during World War II in which two members of the Women’s Army Corps meet and fall in love on an Army Air Corps base in Texas. Tags: historical fiction, WACs, WWII aircraft, lesbian romance Excerpt (pdf)
  • FLIGHT | Second Growth Books, December 2013
    A coming of age novel about a grieving young woman who moves to New York City with her best friend during the AIDs crisis. Tags: new adult, coming of age, bike messenger, loss Excerpt (pdf)
  • FAMILY JEWELS | Second Growth Books, October 2012
    Twenty-something Junior takes a trip to the Netherlands with her estranged father in the hopes of rebuilding their relationship. Tags: new adult, coming of age, family relationships, tulips Excerpt (pdf)
  • GAY PRIDE & PREJUDICE | Second Growth Books, March 2012
    A queer adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic romance–because queer people deserve happily ever after, too. Tags: queer revision, lesbian historical fiction, LGBTQ history Excerpt (pdf)
  • BEAUTIFUL GAME | Bella Books, July 2011
    A slow-burn college romance featuring LGBTQ soccer players, tennis players, swimmers, and various other queer jocks. Tags: sports romance, Southern California, soccer, tennis Excerpt (pdf)
  • LEAVING L.A. | Bella Books, January 2011
    A kindergarten teacher becomes a nanny for a closeted celebrity and soon falls for her. Tags: lesbian romance, kid fic, Kauai, Hollywood Excerpt (pdf)
  • SOLSTICE | Bella Books, March 2010
    Former high school soccer teammates reconnect in sunny Seattle in this second chance lesbian romance. Tags: new adult, coming out, soccer Excerpt (pdf)

Where to find my titles
All of my books are available in Kindle and paperback format at Amazon, in Nook and paperback at Barnes and Noble, in ePub format at Apple Books, and in a variety of electronic formats (ePub, PDF, and Kindle) at Bella Books and Smashwords. The Girls of Summer series is also available in audiobook from Audible, Amazon, and Apple Books, while paperback copies for most titles can be ordered from your favorite independent bookstore.

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My Novels from Bella Books
My first novel, Solstice, was released by Bella Books in March 2010. My second Bella novel, Leaving L.A., releases in January 2011. And my third novel, Beautiful Game, is due out in July 2011.

5 Responses to Books

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  2. Malcolm B Harding says:

    are you going to continue the Emma and Jamie soccer series? Can’t wait.

    • Hi there. Sorry for the late reply. I haven’t visited WordPress in some time! Thanks for your note, and for the interest in Jamie and Emma’s story! Yes, I am currently working on book 4 and plan a release sometime around Halloween. If you sign up for my mailing list (link at top of my blog), you will receive an update when book 4 is available for pre-order, likely sometime this summer. You will also be notified of any other releases I make available. After not putting out a single book last year, 2018 is looking a bit more active–I hope!

      In terms of future books in the soccer series, at this point I’m planning 4 books total, with the option to come back in a few years and explore their post-soccer lives. I hope that happens, but for now, definitely 4. I’m also considering future short stories and *possibly* a novel about Maddie and Angie, who I also adore. But those are “maybes” right now.

      [Editor’s note 12/11/19: At this point, five GoS books have been released, and #6 is in the planning stages for a probable 2020 release. Also, the Maddie and Angie novella is happening. Woot!]

      Thanks again for getting in touch. It’s always nice to hear from fans of the Girls of Summer. Happy reading!!


  3. Cloud says:

    How many books will the Galaxy Girl series have?

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