Under the Lights, Second Growth, June 2021

*Book 6 in the Girls of Summer Series*

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In book five of the Girls of Summer series, Emma Blakeley and Jamie Maxwell finally realized a lifelong dream at the 2015 World Cup. But in book six, Under the Lights, new drama unfolds.

For Jamie, success on the United States Women’s National Team isn’t quite what she expected. As the punishing pace of NWSL matches and Victory Tour trips carries her into the fall, Jamie can only try to ride the current. Meanwhile, Emma and her fellow national team veterans debate taking a stand against a federation that appears to value the dollars the women’s team brings in more than their demands for parity.

Off the field, Jamie and Emma continue to face the challenges of a long-distance relationship. Soccer brought them together, but now the brutal pace of NWSL playoffs and Victory Tour matches threatens to drive a wedge between them. What they need is time away from soccer, but finding that time after winning a world championship proves harder than Jamie ever would have expected.

To find out how Jamie, Emma, and the rest of their World Cup Champion USWNT squad fare, check out Under the Lights, book six of the bestselling Girls of Summer series.


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