In the Company of Women, Bella Books, June 2015


In the Company of Women coverFort Bliss—it’s anything but. Caroline “CJ” Jamieson gave up studying history and joined the Women’s Army Corps to live it instead. Along with her new WAC friends, she is ready to do her part to help boys like her brothers, fighting in the European and Pacific theaters, make it home sooner.

The Army, however, has derailed her plans. Instead of the California post she anticipated, west Texas cacti and an artillery training base are the unexpected sights on her new horizons. Not one to question orders, she’s not sure how her skills in airplane engine maintenance will be of use in this desolate region.

But when CJ meets fellow WAC enlistee Brady Buchanan, Fort Bliss might live up to its name.


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Reviews and Reader Comments for In the Company of Women

  • Rainbow Book Reviews, July 2015: “This book is a definite treat, but more so since I am a history buff. Now that doesn’t normally include military history for me, however, this book looks at women in the WACS and WAVES during the middle of World War II, providing an up-front and personal sense of the life female military and supporting nonmilitary women lived through. I was thoroughly engaged by the extraordinary layers and levels that are presented. Splendidly eye-opening!”
  • The Romantic Reader Blog, March 2016: “Brady and CJ have wonderful chemistry and it builds nicely. I wanted them together as much as possible, but this book is also full of historical facts of the time, so you have a give and take between the romance and history lesson. I found myself really enjoying this. I thought the information was written in a way that was interesting and engaging. I felt as if I was right there at Fort Bliss. Christie obviously put a lot of research into this novel and to me, it paid off in spades. If you are a history buff this is your book, you will not be disappointed.  If you have never read Kate Christie’s work I will tell you she is one hell of a writer, her books are always great!”
  • Reader comment, 9/7/15: “This was a wonderful rambling tale of pioneering lesbians. These women of war were the first to step out of the closet and into mainstream society, changing perceptions of family and friends and challenging the limiting stereotypes depicting gays and lesbians. I am thankful for their courage. I regard this book as a sort of medal to their bravery.”
  • Reader comment, 9/3/15: “The story that Kate Christie provides through her characters of CJ and Brady in In the Company of Women is wonderfully told and so pertinent to understanding a turning point in our history. I started by reading the Author’s Note & Reference List at the back of the book and it gave me a whole new perspective on why such a book should and now does exist. I think Christie truly captures the life of a very strong woman setting out to be more than societies expectations and while doing so show’s the reader how women made a stand for themselves during WWII. Spinning in a wonderful cast of supporting characters, scenery, and events makes this a truly enjoyable reading experience.”
  • Reader comment, 8/3/15: “I really enjoyed this book. I didn’t think that I would as US army/military romance books sometimes run off the rail for me, but this was great. The author expertly intertwined a very lovely romance into all that history. Great dialogue, plot, conflicts, just a very decent read. I enjoyed the interactions between CJ and her lady a lot. Loved the plot development it’s very rare to find romances (gay or straight) with a genuine build up these days and smart characters… 5 out of 5 for keeping me thoroughly entertained even with those fade-to-black love scenes.”

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