The VSED Handbook, Second Growth, March 2022


Voluntarily stopping eating and drinking (VSED) is a widely available yet relatively unknown end-of-life choice utilized by terminally ill people throughout modern history. In this short but comprehensive guidebook, novelist Kate Christie details the steps her family took when her late mother Jane chose a peaceful death via VSED to escape the final brutal stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

In clear, concise language, Christie—a former technical writer—offers an actionable plan for anyone considering hastening their own death. Through examples drawn from her family’s experience, Christie emphasizes the importance of planning, palliative care (including medication to ease the dying process), and a broad support network. She also describes what to expect from each stage of the VSED process and highlights the challenges and unexpected gifts of accompanying her dying mother on her final journey.

As Christie notes, a peaceful death free of suffering like the one her mother achieved is possible with VSED—but only with planning, perseverance, and the support of a trusted team.


Purchasing Options

The VSED Handbook: A Practical Guide to Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking is available in Kindle and paperback formats from Amazon and in Nook from Barnes & Noble. You will also be able in future to purchase it in a variety of eBook formats (including ePubPDF, and Kindle) from Bella Books.

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