A Theory of Love, Second Growth, October 2018

A Theory of Love cover

Eva DeMarco isn’t looking for a relationship. Fresh off a year’s family leave, she is hoping for a quiet return to her teaching and research career at Edmonds University, where she is still in search of the holy grail of tenure. Given that she has recently chucked her Serious Research Interest in the visual arts to study romance novels, she’s pretty sure her best bet is to skate under the radar of university higher-ups for the foreseeable future.

Cassidy Trane is only in Washington State for another few months. Soon she’ll be resuming her hipster lifestyle in San Francisco, making good money in the tech industry and cheering for her ex-teammates on the local pro rugby side. She certainly doesn’t intend to fall for an academic, especially not one at the university where her golden-boy twin brother literally teaches rocket science.

But as fate conspires to bring Cass and Eva together, they learn that sometimes plans have to be flexible–that is, if they want a chance at their very own Happily Ever After.


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A Theory of Love is available in Kindle and paperback formats from Amazon. You can also purchase it in a variety of eBook formats (including ePubPDF, and Kindle) from Bella Books and in paperback and Nook format from Barnes & Noble.

Reviews and Reader Comments for A Theory of Love

  • Reader comment, 10/25/18: “Worth every second spent reading it. This book is now in my list of favorite reads. So well written, with believable characters reflecting today’s America. There are too many things worth reading in this book, not the least of which is the adorable love story that sets things in motion from page one.”
  • Reader comment, 11/2/18: “Oh, Wow! Class writing, excellent story, kept me hooked all the way through. Learnt stuff without being lectured and really brought into the characters. Another Christie winner. Brilliant.”
  • Reader comment, 11/16/18: “What’s not to love? Lesbian romance, rugby and dogs – oh my! I love this author’s writing style and positive, upbeat stories. And finally, a story with rugby! Makes this old rugby forward’s heart go pitter pat. Could have been more of the rugby in the story too! Also enjoyed the reality of the academic life and how screwy it can be for grad students and faculty. The unique beauty of the Pacific Northwest is captured so well and makes me long for a gray, 50 types of rain kind of day. Looking forward to her next book!”