Between the Dawn and Day, Second Growth, December 2021

*Galaxy Girl Book 2*

E-book available now on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited platform. Available at Bella Books, Smashwords, and everywhere else April 1, 2022. Paperback due out in January 2022.

For reporter Kenzie Shepherd, life is busier than she anticipated when she took up the mantle of Galaxy Girl, Seattle’s off-worlder superhero. Working with her sister Sloane and her former mentor, D’aman—AKA Galaxy Guy—has been amazing, and their unofficial partnership with Panopticon, the federal bureau responsible for alien identification and regulation, less acrimonious than she’d expected. But her newly established relationship with Ava Westbrook, genius businesswoman and sister of Earth’s most notorious anti-alien terrorist, is suffering. Not only do they never seem to have enough time together, but Kenzie is worried that her friends and family are going to blow a collective gasket when they find out about Ava.

Meanwhile, Ava is struggling in her own way to juggle work and time with Kenzie. She knows her family wouldn’t support their relationship, either, not when Kenzie is an actual superhero from outer space. As the two women grow closer, Ava is determined to hide Kenzie’s identity from her extremist relatives. At the same time, she launches a clandestine investigation to answer the following questions: Why are off-worlders disappearing? What is Sentinel planning? And who exactly—or what—is Labyrinth?

Join Kenzie, Ava, and their cast of friends and family to find out what happens between the dawn and day in book two of the Galaxy Girl urban fantasy series, where alien refugees live on the fringes of society, Kenzie Shepherd may well be the last daughter of a long-dead planet, and Ava Westbrook wishes everyone could just get along.


Purchasing Options

Between the Dawn and Day is available on Kindle Unlimited at Amazon, and will be available April 1, 2022, in a variety of eBook formats (including ePubPDF, and Kindle) from Bella Books, and in paperback and Nook format from Barnes & Noble. Various electronic editions can also be found at Smashwords,  Apple Books, and KOBO, while paperback copies may be specially ordered through Amazon or your favorite independent bookstore in late January 2022.

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