Gay Pride & Prejudice, Second Growth Books, March 2012


Gay P&P coverFor the Bennet sisters, life in quiet Hertfordshire County is about to change. Netherfield Hall has just been let to a single man of large fortune. But while it is true that such a man is generally considered to be in want of a wife, it is equally true that not all men desire female companionship, just as not every woman dreams of being married.

Like other variations on Jane Austen’s classic romance novel, Gay Pride & Prejudice poses a question: What if some among Austen’s characters preferred the company of their own sex? In this queer revision of the classic original, Kate Christie offers an alternate version of love, friendship, and marriage for Elizabeth Bennet, Mr. Darcy, and others among their circle of friends. But even as the path to love veers from the straight and narrow, the destination remains much the same.

If you have an open mind, dear reader, you may discover the book Jane Austen would likely never have approved, but which, nonetheless, affords a window onto gay and lesbian life in early nineteenth-century England.


Purchasing Options

Gay Pride & Prejudice is available in Kindle and paperback formats from Amazon. You can also purchase it in a variety of eBook formats (including ePubPDF, and Kindle) from Bella Books and in paperback and Nook format from Barnes & Noble.

Reviews and Reader Comments for Gay Pride and Prejudice

  • Lesbrary Reviews, December 2012: Reviewer Lena of the Lesbrary blog had the following to say after reading GPP:  “At this point, I’m kind of convinced that Kate Christie and I have some bizarre rainbow mind connection we’re not aware of yet. Not only is Gay Pride and Prejudice, her delightful book, an idea I’ve had in the back of my head for several years, but it follows the same romantic trajectory that I would have used. All I can say is, great minds think alike, and Christie has done such a marvelous job and I’m glad someone got around to gay adaptation of this story. It’s about time… Gay Pride and Prejudice is great fun to read and I’ve already told all my friends to read it twice.  I’m excited to see what’s next for Kate Christie, maybe even some more gay adaptations of classic literature.”
  • Clare Ashton’s review, May 2012: Author Clare Ashton writes, “The original Pride and Prejudice is one of my favourite books, one of the few that I re-read. Loving it so much, I’ve been tempted into reading a couple of variants/sequels which inevitably were disappointing – well, they were just not Austen. So, Kate Christie’s approach, of leaving as much of the original text as possible and embellishing it, I think is a brilliant one… Pride and Prejudice has been rewritten with a skilled and very light touch. It has a clever and satisfying conclusion, and I found it a thoroughly enjoyable twist on a favourite book of mine.”
  • Affinity eBooks Reviews, June 2012: Reviewer Terry Baker said, “This is a wonderfully refreshing and cleverly written new take on a much loved classic. I think Kate chose exactly the right characters to write in as gay. She didn’t make the story all about the gay characters, which simply wouldn’t have sounded right. The dialogue is written in the style of the time the original book was written… I would love to see this version of Pride and Prejudice made into a film or even a TV drama. Well done Kate, on what must have been a very difficult and time-consuming task to get spot on.”
  • Reader comment, 1/13/13: “From my first viewing of the A&E Pride and Prejudice, I have been a huge fan, and this version only added to my overall delight! I have sometimes thought what the story would be like if it were of the gay persuasion but this was wonderful! Congratulations to Kate Christie on her successful adaptations! I truly hope other fans will enjoy this book as much as I have!”
  • Reader comment, 12/3/12: “Really quite a decent book. What’s so interesting is that so little of the plot has changed. Mrs. Bennett probably couldn’t tell the difference. Almost all the differences are in feelings and motivations, which is what makes it so satisfying. The radicalism of the book is that so little has changed between GP&P and the original P&P.”

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