Solstice, Bella Books, March 2010


  1. Astronomy: Either of the two times a year when the sun is at its greatest distance from the celestial equator.
  2. A furthest or culminating point; a turning point.

Sam Delaney has all she asks from life: a job and a place of her own arranged exactly the way she likes it. The death of her older brother, and her parents’ denial, have left her shaken and grateful her simple needs are being met. She’s not looking for the future—today is all she needs.

It’s the last summer Emily Mackenzie will get to spend hanging out with friends, soaking up the sun and checking out the women on Seattle’s sporting fields. Come fall, she’s an assistant soccer coach with responsibilities. She’s planning on making every day of summer count.

When their paths cross, Emily is surprised that Sam remembers her. Years ago, they played soccer on the same high school team, only then Sam was the star and Emily the new kid. Their youthful camaraderie had been simple, but under the warm Seattle sun, simple is the last word that describes their feelings.


Purchasing Options

Solstice, my first novel, is available in paperback and a variety of eBook formats direct from the publisher, Bella Books. It is also available in paperback and Kindle format at Amazon, and paperback and Nook format at Barnes & Noble.

Reviews and Reader Comments for Solstice

  • EDGE Seattle/ OUTview review, April 2011: Writer Kate West reviewed both Leaving L.A. and Solstice and had this to say about Solstice: “The story is told in first person narrative by each of the characters in turn, flipping back and forth between the thoughts, feelings and perspective of each protagonist. I enjoyed this view into the brains of Sam and Emily, and I found it entertaining and interesting to get the take each of the characters had on the same situations. And, I have to admit I loved reading about the streets, neighborhoods, zoo and even our local WNBA team here in Seattle. Christie did an excellent job on the details and this first effort was an enjoyable read.”
  • Reader comment, 10/4/10: “Thank you for a great story. I particularly enjoyed knowing what was going on in both Sam and Emily’s minds as the relationship developed. Looking forward to Leaving L.A.”
  • Reader comment, 6/4/10: “I took a chance [on Solstice] even though I’d never heard of the author or the book simply because the premise seemed interesting. I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I finished it in one day because I didn’t want to put it down… I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone.”
  • Reader comment, 5/2/10: “This is a lovely first book from Kate Christie. The story had me hooked from the beginning. I loved the way the book was written, in that both Sam and Emily told their story in turn. I got a real feel for their emotions. I will certainly be looking out for more from this author, I was sorry when the book came to an end. One for my re-read shelves.”
  • Reader comment, 5/2/10: “Just finished your book Solstice.  It was great! I hope you continue writing such wonderful stories about women and trials we all go through to find that ‘right one.'”
  • Reader comment, 4/25/10: “I read that this was your first published book, congrats, as it’s great!  I bought it Friday, read it Saturday, and had to email you on today, Sunday, because I enjoyed it so much!  You write beautifully about life in Seattle–I pictured every spot you mentioned!”

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