The Road to Canada, Second Growth, February 2019

*Book 4 in the Girls of Summer Series*

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The Road to Canada cover

The first three books of the Girls of Summer series introduced Emma Blakeley and Jamie Maxwell, two young athletes with bright soccer futures. Now, in The Road to Canada, a staffing change on the US Women’s National Team (USWNT) shortly before the 2015 World Cup has altered the playing field for both women.

For Jamie, a new coach means a renewed shot at making the World Cup roster for the top-ranked squad in the world. For Emma, the shift in priorities means that for the first time in her adult life, she isn’t sure she’ll be on the field-or even on the team-for a major championship.

Who will make the final cut for a chance to stand on top of the winner’s podium in Vancouver? To find out, join Jamie and Emma for the latest installment in the ongoing story of their lives, loves, and would-be world championships in The Road to Canada, book four of the bestselling series.


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Reviews and Reader Comments for The Road to Canada

  • Reader comment, 2/23/19: “Jamie and Emma continue to be thrilling, just by being who they are. My Kindle app got 94% of my battery after The Road to Canada became available yesterday. They face problems in life, and victories, great and small, and the bond between them grows deeper and stronger, and as a reader, you care so very much about them. There is a gritty and complex real world they live in, and still a romanticism unique and really very lovely. I am so grateful to have these Girls of Summer.”
  • Reader comment, 3/2/19: “Book four is probably my favorite so far in the series! I absolutely love these characters and their journey to realize their dreams. The balance of romance, soccer knowledge, supporting characters, travel, and anticipation was perfectly balanced. Christie has done an amazing job of building off the previous books to make the story flow perfectly. I literally can’t wait for Book 5 (and more?)! These books will make you laugh, cry, and stand up to cheer these individually strong and lovable women. 5+ stars!”
  • Reader comment, 3/5/19: “The Girls of Summer book saga is a surprisingly gratifying rarity in female to female romance novels and I will explain why. 1) All characters are exquisitely well built, thoroughly portrayed, with their own histories, quirks, faults, dreams, and passions. This is not something you find easily and apart from the two main protagonists, there are a plethora of other support ‘actors’ to root for. The author manages to juggle multiple characters with unparalleled quality and finesse. 2) The author has done an exhaustive amount of research on the background of being a pro-athlete and it clearly shows. Another area where the author’s research really shines is whenever she describes the various places around the globe that our friends visit. As an amateur writer myself, I can assure you that to provide such a meticulous amount of detail requires an enormous amount of effort. 3) Dialogue is witty and great fun to read often making you forget that you’re reading a book. 4) Most romance novels have some drama before the main characters get together and after that, it’s mostly happily ever after. Here, we get a rare glimpse into how a couple grows over time. We get the ups and downs of everyday life, we get the problems, hopes, and aspirations that real people may face. In the end, this experience is so relatable that it’s a joy to read.”