The Day is (Almost) Here

36 Weeks

36 Weeks

So my Prop 8/ DOMA Supreme Court blog post got sidetracked–Kris has developed a late-term complication, so to be safe, our OB has decided to induce her at 37 weeks. Which is, um, tomorrow. In eight hours, we’ll climb into the rockin’ minivan with its newly installed matching Graco Snugride car seats and drive in the lightening day to our local hospital, where our OB and half a dozen nurses or so will induce Kris and deliver our babes. Wow.

With twins, delivery is a bit more complicated than it is with a singleton. Instead of hanging out in a mellow room in the birthing center, we’ll be in an OR. This means bright overhead lights, sterile equipment, and me in scrubs. The OR is in order because with twins, if Baby B (the one furthest from the exit) gets into trouble, the medical staff may need to initiate an emergency C-section. But we went in for our final ultrasound today at 36 weeks 6 days, and all signs pointed toward a good chance at avoiding a C-section: Baby A (closest to the exit) was head down ready to go, while Baby B was lined up head down just above her. Kris is already partially dilated and effaced, so she should in theory only need a little bit of Pitocin to get things going. And best of all, according to our seemingly psyched OB (who, I discovered today, grew up fifteen minutes from me in Michigan; we even played high school soccer against each other back in the late ’80s–a good omen to soccer-crazies like Kris and me)? Baby A is bigger than Baby B, so the paving of the way should be accomplished with the first birth.

A & KFirst birth. Kris is my hero. She is going to give birth to two babies tomorrow. Does that mean double the joy? Double the terror? Double the worry and waiting and stress? We’re about to find out. Fortunately, Kris’s mom is staying with us, so Alex will have a wonderful companion/ caretaker while we’re caught up in the birth drama. If all goes well, Alex and her Grammy will be able to visit us tomorrow in the hospital, and meet her new sisters. Fingers crossed.

Several people have asked how Alex is doing, if she understands the concept of twins, so I thought I would share a story. A few nights ago I set up the co-sleeper, which is what Alex slept in for the first six months of her life. Kris explained to her that no, she couldn’t climb on or in it, that it was for the new babies we would soon be bringing home. Alex promptly ran into her bedroom and grabbed Elmo and a couple of other stuffed animals. Then she brought them into our bedroom and set them carefully in the co-sleeper. Beside the animals, she deposited a baby washcloth, her version of a blankie or lovie.

A & co-sleeper“For your sisters,” she said very seriously, looking at me.

“That’s so sweet,” I said, hiding a smile at her pronoun confusion.

“Oh, oh,” she suddenly exclaimed, and disappeared again. Then she came running back in and set a second washcloth down beside the first.

“For your sisters,” she repeated, and smiled.

I don’t think it’s just contagious pregnancy hormones that made me almost cry. So yeah, double the love, I think. Or really, triple. Because by this time tomorrow, if all goes well, Kris and I will have three daughters.

Three daughters. We’ll keep you posted…


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  1. ranger says:

    First of all, so excited for you, all of you! Second, who is your ob? Parchment, Portage? I’m so curious!

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