WLW Soccer Fans/ Artists/ Creative Types – Apply Here!

Are you as gutted as I am about the US women’s soccer team loss at the 2016 Olympics? Well, now’s your chance to distract yourself with a creative project: I’m putting out a call for a cover image for my upcoming novel (as yet untitled), the third in a series about women-loving-women who happen to play soccer for club and country at the highest level. (Read reviews and more about Training Ground, book one in the series, on Goodreads.)

I have a specific image in mind, based on the famous Adidas Valentine’s Day post:


Only instead of two female runners on a street, I’m looking for the same pose with two female soccer players on a grassy (soccer-ish) field. Surprisingly, I haven’t been able to find an image like this on any of the stock photo sites where I usually shop for cover images, which is why I’m soliciting an original image. I’ll pay $100 via PayPal, include the photographer/ illustrator’s name in the book’s front matter, and send a print copy of the book when it comes out early next year. And as a bonus you’ll get to have your work/legs featured on the cover of a best-selling lesbian author’s WLW soccer novel!

Other visual requests/details: Time of day should be morning or afternoon. Field can be stadium or not, and you can even take the image against a green screen or white backdrop. (I can add the field later via the wonders of Photoshop.) Cleats or indoor soccer shoes are preferred, with low socks, no shin guards, and shorts. One of the characters is gender fluid (Jamie, the taller one) and the other is more traditionally feminine (Emma, the slightly shorter one), so clothes/ styles are welcome to reflect those differences. Both characters are white, but darker skin tone can work too. Good muscle tone is pretty much required—sorry to be picky, but the characters are in the US Women’s National Team player pool, so the image needs to reflect high fitness levels. Also, shaved legs are the norm in that world. Anything above thigh level doesn’t impact the shot, though. Trans models are welcome.

File requirements: I will consider a realistic graphic version (preferably in Illustrator file format) or a staged photograph. Either way the image should be high resolution (minimum 3264 x 2448 pixels) and unfiltered (no Instagram version). Please be able to email me a copy of the original file or share it via some form of the cloud. If you prefer to send a thumbnail for me to consider, you are welcome to do so.

Selection criteria: I will choose the image that best represents my vision for the novel—which, I know, is totally subjective. Sorry! Although if photographers/creators would like, I’m happy to create a gallery of images submitted with links to the creator’s online gallery or website. Sort of like an Unsplash for wlw soccer fans…?

Licensing: Please be prepared to offer the image royalty-free according to iStock Photo’s standard license agreement available here.

Timing: As soon as possible! I would like to have the image in hand no later than 8/31/16. If I find an image before then, I’ll update this post here on WordPress.

Contact me: Questions? Photos to submit for consideration? Email me at katechristie8 at gmail.com.

About Kate Christie

I'm a lesbian fiction author currently residing in the Pacific Northwest. To read excerpts and more of my novels, visit www.katejchristie.com.
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