First Review for Gay Pride & Prejudice: 5 Stars

Good news yesterday–Clare Ashton, author of the excellent debut novel Pennance, just published a review of Gay P&P on her blog. It reads (in part):

Pride and Prejudice has been rewritten with a skilled and very light touch. Some of the text needs only the slightest change to support the new version of events. It is Caroline Bingley who finds Elizabeth only “tolerable”, and again Caroline who later dwells on Elizabeth’s fine eyes. Some needs no change at all: Charlotte Lucas for example, never thinks “highly either of men or matrimony”.

But then the more substantial passages that have been added are also well written and I found the imitation of Austen’s style convincing…. It has a clever and satisfying conclusion and I found this a thoroughly enjoyable twist on a favourite book of mine. I gave Gay Pride and Prejudice 5 stars.

I’ve sent out several review copies of the novel, and this is the first reviewer to share her thoughts. Honestly, I was somewhat nervous about what Clare might have to say–she is my ideal reader for Gay P&P, as she adores the original and is gay herself. Given how well she fits my target audience, I am (perhaps understandably) quite happy that she liked the book!

So thanks, Clare. And here’s hoping other readers enjoy it, too, of course!

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