Complicating Factors; or, the Generosity of Others

A few readers of this blog have contacted me about the newest page, “GoFundMe Books.” Here’s the skinny. As many of you know, Kris and I decided over the summer we wanted to try to expand our family. In October, as those who read my last post know, we received fantastic news: Kris is pregnant. WITH TWINS!! The babies are due May 1, but will most likely (fingers crossed) arrive sometime in April.

This is fantastic news, of course, but carries with it some complications. Due to health concerns, our doctor is recommending that Kris stop working a few months earlier than we had planned. Rather than cut short the time she can spend at home on maternity leave after the babies are born, we decided to reach out to our community of friends, family, and fellow readers and writers. Thus, our GoFundMe fundraiser, which offers rewards such as signed copies of my books, character names in future books, and a selection of titles from our gently used home library.

Pregnancy is already stressful, particularly when multiples are involved. I started this fundraiser so that Kris wouldn’t worry so much about things like how we’ll make our car payment and pay for groceries while she takes care of herself and our babies-to-be. So far generous donors have contributed $2K, which will pay for a full month off for Kris. Our ultimate goal is for her to quit working at the start of the third trimester, but at this point, we are immensely grateful for anything and everything! For more information on the pregnancy and our fundraiser, visit the GoFundMe Books page here on this blog. Or if you’d like to donate, visit Siblings for Alex.

And how does Alex feel about her new baby siblings to-be? I thought you’d never ask…

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