We’re having a…!

Well, I’ll let the photo do the talking.


That’s right, folks, an additional pair of female gendered beings will be joining our household. Whew. As Kris and I agreed, there’s going to be a lot of estrogen in our house for many years to come!

And so our completely unintentional experiment in separatism continues… ;^)

Both babies are healthy and doing well, as is Kris (other than the RA), which is obviously our main concern. But the gender thing definitely has our attention. Kris and I were both sure there would be at least one boy, and had even tentatively picked out a couple of boy names. Shows how intuitive we are!

Happy Holidays to everyone–wishing you much joy as 2012 winds down to the new year!

About Kate Christie

I'm a lesbian fiction author currently residing in the Pacific Northwest. To read excerpts and more of my novels, visit www.katejchristie.com.
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1 Response to We’re having a…!

  1. Eileen says:

    Hi Kate, so happy to hear the Kris and the babies are progressing well. Kinda cool that they are both Girls. Take care. Eileen

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