New novel, Flight, is out–finally…

I say finally because with our current family situation, writing time has been hard to find. Not to mention time to edit a final draft, design the book cover, proof the print copy, and code the ebook version… But it’s done! Woo hoo!

My website is updated with all the necessary details, including information on a sale I’m running now through the end of the year: all 3 of my latest ebooks for $10. Flight is only $3.99, while Family Jewels and Gay Pride & Prejudice are each only $2.99, for a limited time. Buying direct from me gets me the largest royalty, of course, but all of the ebooks are marked down on Amazon, too, except Gay P&P which is still “processing” for some reason.

The TwinsWhen I told my sister that I was disappointed I’ve only managed to put out one book in the last fourteen months, she responded, “But you have eight-month-old twins!” Fresh from a psychological counseling conference, she added, “Why don’t you frame it as, ‘I have infant twins, and I still managed to publish a book!'”

I’m not sure that’s how we writers do things, though. At least, not this writer. I guard my writing time jealously, mostly because I have a day job, and I begrudge the loss of an evening of writing, let alone many months of lost evenings. That doesn’t mean I don’t love being a parent, of course, just that it’s difficult sometimes to find balance in the form of family, work, and writing. But rather too full a life than too empty–in fact, that’s the  struggle in reverse that my protagonist, Ash, faces in Flight.

And look at that. I managed to bring the conversation back to writing. Because that’s what we writers do.

Happy Holidays, and happy reading…

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I'm a lesbian fiction author currently residing in the Pacific Northwest. To read excerpts and more of my novels, visit
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2 Responses to New novel, Flight, is out–finally…

  1. Beth says:

    I’m sure Flight is well worth the delay. We all know that those beautiful children and wife are worth the time away from your writing schedule. I hope you and all the family have a wonderful holiday season.

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