A Quiet Weekend–Er, Few Hours

Last night, Kris and I went to a holiday party hosted by another two-mom family, and rife with young children with same-sex and a few opposite-sex parents. We actually left the house only fifteen minutes later than planned–a record?–and even managed to stop at the bookmobile along the way to pick up some items on reserve. (I Heart the Bookmobile!)

At the party, we commandeered a corner of our friends’ sectional couch and proceeded to entertain all three children while managing to hold adult (though somewhat child-centered) conversations with six different people. Okay, so two were a couple, but still. Not bad for our first party with all three bubbas.

One of the women we talked to, let’s call her Sarah, was at our friends’ daughter’s two-year-old birthday party back in March, when Kris was 33 weeks pregnant. Upon learning that we were having twins, Sarah infamously commented: “Your life is over!” Last night, she apologized for her prior indelicacy. I assured her, “It’s okay. Turns out you were right.” And everyone chuckled.

I wasn’t really kidding, though. Fellow parents of three under three are nodding sagely right about now, while others are probably sucking their teeth in disapproval. For all of those who might question this characterization, I have a clip for you to watch:

Enough said.

Unbelievably, all three children slept well last night, after a good week or ten days of boycotting sleep. Of course, we paid for our smugness today by having to deal with three crabby, grouchy children. Typical…

So why is this post called “A Quiet Weekend–Er, Few Hours” you ask? Because Kris just packed the tribe up and took them to visit friends, clearing out for a few hours so that I could–roll the drums–proof the print copy of Flight, my new novel! The proof copy arrived on Friday, and I’ve been trying to find time to get it read ever since. My wife graciously offered me a quiet few hours to get some work done. Sweet, hmm?

Proof copy--on sale Dec 10-ish!

Proof copy–on sale Dec 10-ish!

I’m pleased with how the cover turned out, but definitely finding changes to be made to the interior files. CreateSpace makes it easy to update, though, and I won’t have to proof a print copy again, which means the book will be on sale in a week and a half or so (12/10ish–in time for the holidays!), assuming I find time to code the ebook versions. Someday I’ll write a post about how I make my books with CreateSpace, Photoshop, an ePub template, and Calibre. So satisfying to design the cover, interior, and everything else–the perfect blend for my geek/creative sides.

In the meantime, I’ve updated my author website. To find out more about the book, visit www.katejchristie.com. The trailer is below, and for those interested in checking out the official excerpt, read on…

About Kate Christie

I'm a lesbian fiction author currently residing in the Pacific Northwest. To read excerpts and more of my novels, visit www.katejchristie.com.
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2 Responses to A Quiet Weekend–Er, Few Hours

  1. Norma says:

    Hiya, Kate!! Glad you found time to write us all a new book! I will buy it as soon as it’s available. What is the best way for us to buy this book?

    • Hi, Norma! Thanks for asking this question–and for being interested in my new book! The best way to buy the print or eBook version of Flight will be from my website, at http://www.katejchristie.com/flight.html –once both versions are available for sale, I’ll add links and purchase information to that page. I’ll probably also offer a giveaway on GoodReads and a promotional sale on my other two Second Growth titles. More to come on those soon! For now, back to proofing… 🙂

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