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Our New Reality? More Like Same Old, Same Old

Okay. So I have waited a little while to write down my thoughts regarding the 2016 Presidential Election, AKA the day hate trumped love or, as I like to call it, that fucking day from hell. In case you didn’t … Continue reading

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Gaydar, Straitdar, and Fighting the Right

Yesterday morning, I opened my email to learn that Sally Ride, the first U.S. woman to fly in space (1983, aboard the Challenger), had died of pancreatic cancer at age 61. Like most people, I also learned from her obituary … Continue reading

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Between the Lines; or, Why I Wrote a Gay Variation on Pride and Prejudice

With my new book, Gay Pride & Prejudice, due to release at the end of this week (March 31), I thought I would take a few minutes to offer up some of the reasons I decided to co-opt and alter … Continue reading

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Lions and Vikings and Bears, Oh My

The other day, Kris came home from Target irate. That actually doesn’t happen all that often—she’s from Minneapolis, where Target was born and still resides. (Wait, that sentence sounds as if I think a corporation could be a person…) Also, … Continue reading

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The Political is Personal; or, Hear Me Roar

The other night while I was feeding Alex her before-bedtime bottle, I was suddenly struck by an urge to hear Helen Reddy’s classic “I Am Woman.” So I reached for the laptop sitting nearby on the coffee table, opened a … Continue reading

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